Hello! I'm a designer with 7+ years in the creative and technology industry. I love to engage and integrate my diverse knowledge of design and technology to solve complex design problems. I'm currently working as a Senior Product Designer at See Tickets North America.

Before See Tickets, I worked with organizations and design studios including POSSIBLE, Beats By Dre, TOMS Shoes, and many more.

Outside of office hours, my passions include the rescue and rehabilitation of horses, and lending a hand in the overlooked and underfunded Skid Row neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Adobe Suite
Interactive Design
Logo Design
Print Design
Product Design

Select Graphic and Web Work —

Client — Orion Club
Project — Music and Film Venue Website
Role — Website Design

Client — Sascha Studio
Project — Eco-Friendly Incense Packaging
Role — Package Design, Logo Design

Client — See Tickets
Project — Universal Micro Sites
Role — Website Design

Client — See Tickets
Project — Ticket Stock Redesign
Role — Graphic Design

Select Logo Work —